Daniel Platt aka voodoochopstiks
Level Designer
Stockholm, Sweden
platt [at] ond .se


  • Citizenship: U.S. & Swedish

    Languages:  English & Swedish(mother tongues), Spanish(intermediate)

      - Stingray Editor, Valve Hammer Editor, Id Tech 5 Ed, Radiant(expert)
      - Adobe Photoshop, UnrealEd, LUA Script, JavaScript(intermediate)
      - Modo, Blender(novice)
      - Strong sense of suitable/fun combat and level design.
      - Passionate about delivering exciting and interesting gameplay and architecture to the player.
      - Easy going, calm, listens well to feedback from a creative as well as personal standpoint, and is good at making sure to give others the feedback they need.
      - Sociable, enjoys working closely with other team members and workmates on projects. Likes being at the crossroads between disciplines like design, tech and art.
      - Fast learner, quick to pick up new tools and work methods.

    Hobbies: Playing and listening to music. Football. Drawing. Hiking. Architecture.


  • Warhammer 40,000: Darktide
    Developer & Publisher: Fatshark
    Release: November 2022
    Tasks: Senior Level Designer

    Warhammer: Vermintide 2
    Developer & Publisher: Fatshark
    Release: March 2018
    Tasks: Lead Level Designer

    Warhammer: End Times: Vermintide
    Developer & Publisher: Fatshark
    Release: October 2015
    Tasks: Lead Level Designer

    War Of The Vikings
    Developer: Fatshark
    Publisher: Paradox
    Release: April 2014
    Tasks: Level & Game design

    War Of The Roses
    Developer: Fatshark
    Publisher: Paradox
    Release: October 2012
    Tasks: Level & Game Design

    WOLFENSTEIN: The New Order
    Developer: Machinegames
    Publisher: Bethesda
    Release: May 2014
    Tasks: Level Design, Level Art.

    Developer: Grin/Fatshark
    Publisher: Capcom
    Release: February 2011
    Tasks: Level Design.

    Developer: Grin
    Publisher: Capcom
    Release: May 2009(XBOX360/PS3)
    Tasks: Single Player Level Design, Multiplayer Game Design, Lead Multiplayer Level Design.

    You can see some details and screenshots about my work on Bionic Commando here.

    Developer: Grin
    Publisher: Ubisoft
    Release: Summer 2007
    Tasks: Single Player Level Design, Multiplayer Level Design, as well as bug fixing and gameplay
                 conversions of multiplayer levels from the very different Xbox 360 version of the game.

    Developer: Grin
    Publisher: Capcom
    Release: August 2008
    Tasks: Additional Level Design; jumped in and created a bonus area when time was tight for the regular team.

  • astronomy

    An ongoing level-project made for CPMA duel
    Has been featured in numerous tourneys and subjected to high-level tournament play and tweaked
    several times for balance since its first release in 2006.
    Playing a purely aim-based game has been made harder with the close ranges and the tight
    hallways, encouraging prediction and listening for the enemy in order
    to set up ambushes rather than relying on sniping or brute force skills.
    It provides a refreshing difference to most other tournament levels,
    and sets a niche for itself.

    inverted penguin

    A 2vs2 team deathmatch level I made in collaboration with a norwegian online friend called Fjoggs.
    It's for CPMA and it's quite well liked so far.

    Yet To Be Named

    An early Work in Progress map for Reaction Quake 3


    A rather old CPMA 1on1 map that development discontinued of when my hd died and the map file disappeared.
    A very early project, but a good learning project and 'reboot' of my mapping skills.